Our Story

Rock City Skirts started from a love/hate relationship with running in 2012. Signing up for races gave me the accountability I needed, but running is hard work! Running in costumes gave me an additional goal and made my races fun and “ all in event!” Go big or go home! Regardless of how fast or slow I ran, I was never lost in the crowd.

Soon I discovered, I am not alone in my love for costume running! I love to help others enjoy their races they have been training (or not) for months. Helping everyone look their best and be comfortable on their big day is my goal. When running with your team, favorite charity, or best friend, it feels great to wear a unique, fun costume to stand out and run like a rock start!

Today, we have several sewers creating custom, unique and functional running gear for our customers. All our products are made in USA and designed by Rock City Skirts. We offer customized products at a low cost to our customers, but if we like what we see, we may offer it as a new product available for everyone.

Designing costumes for runners and helping others enjoy the sport gives me great pleasure. Whether you are slow or fast, you can rock the skirt!

— Amy Maust